Overcoming pre-game anxiety is Savannah Davison

Oct 24, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – When Savannah Davison decided to go from Canada to the Philippines, she set out on a trip of a lifetime. 

The arrival of PLDT’s newest weapon was witnessed by the top volleyball league this past Sunday, when Davison stole the show in her first outing.

She acknowledged that she experienced nerves as she approached her Premier Volleyball League debut; it was a moment that sent goosebumps down her spine. The 2023 Second All-Filipino Conference’s inaugural game was played in a coliseum with more than 14,000 devoted spectators, and the atmosphere was electrifying. However, she soon overcame her initial nerves and was overcome with a resolve that would live with her forever.

Savannah Davison, a 5-foot-10 wing spiker, led PLDT to a tremendous victory against Akari with a score of 25 to 16, 25 to 16, and 25 to 23. Savannah’s performance left everyone in wonder. She contributed an astounding 19 points, supported by seven faultless digs and six successful receptions. Her 14 strong assaults, three immovable blocks, and two aces were the foundation of her performance.

It is a story of ambition and unshakable commitment that Davison traveled to the Philippines. From New Mexico State University, she took a circuitous route to Oklahoma University, honing her volleyball talents in the highly competitive US NCAA Division 1 setting. When she first arrived in the Philippines, she was astonished by the fiercely loyal volleyball community there.

Davison faced the reality of competing in front of a large crowd as soon as she stepped onto the court. 

As she acknowledged the Filipino volleyball community’s essential contribution to the evolution of the sport in the country, Davison demonstrated her humility and admiration for them.

Even though she scored 17 points in her debut, her spike efficiency should have been higher. She displayed a strong 14-of-39 conversion in her second encounter against the Chargers, demonstrating her consistent acclimation to the scheme of head coach Rald Ricafort.

With Savannah Davison’s debut in the Philippines, the PLDT High Performance Hitters have entered a new era, and making her way from Canada to the center of Filipino beach volleyball is just getting started.

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