Chery Tiggo defeats PVL rookie SGA to win game two

Feb 25, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – It was a commanding display of dominance, Chery Tiggo, led by Mylene Paat, demonstrated their relentless prowess against the league’s newcomers in the 2024 PVL All-Filipino Conference at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The Crossovers secured a convincing victory over Strong Group with a back-to-back sweep, triumphing 25-12, 25-17, and 25-19.

Mylene Paat, the standout player for Chery Tiggo, wasted no time in making her mark on the game. In just two sets, she swiftly accumulated ten points through a combination of nine attacks and one ace, laying the foundation for the team’s consecutive triumph. Reflecting on their success, Paat acknowledged the integral role played by the team’s system, training regimen, and the strategic tasks assigned by the coaches. According to the former PVL MVP, these elements have been instrumental in elevating the team’s depth, underscoring the importance of avoiding complacency.

The depth of the Crossovers’ lineup was evident throughout the three-set encounter, with all 14 Chery Tiggo players actively contributing. Remarkably, 12 players, excluding liberos Jen Nierva and Buding Duremdes, recorded points, showcasing the well-distributed talent within the team.

In the brief yet intense confrontation, Chery Tiggo, under the leadership of Paat and former captain EJ Laure, unleashed a total of 52 assaults, achieving an impressive 41% offensive effectiveness. This statistic was nearly twice as high as Strong Group’s 28 total attacks, highlighting the Crossovers’ efficiency and strategic gameplay.

The return of Chery Tiggo’s starting setter, Alina Bicar, marked a significant reinforcement for the team, providing an additional layer of stability to their gameplay. Bicar’s experience and skill set contributed to the overall cohesiveness of the Crossovers, allowing for a more dynamic offensive strategy. However, it was the sophomore playmaker, Joyme Cagande, who truly stole the spotlight, playing a pivotal role in dismantling the struggling Strong Group team with a remarkable 11 outstanding sets. Cagande’s strategic decision-making and precise sets not only facilitated seamless coordination among teammates but also highlighted the depth and versatility of the Chery Tiggo roster.

Despite facing formidable challenges, Strong Group’s captain, Dolly Versoza, showcased unwavering consistency as a performer. Once again, she stood as the lone bright spot for the PVL rookies, securing eight attack points in a display of individual skill and determination. However, Versoza’s commendable efforts were ultimately not enough to turn the tide, as Strong Group suffered their second consecutive defeat in the PVL, underscoring the formidable nature of Chery Tiggo’s lineup.

In conclusion, Chery Tiggo’s resounding victory against Strong Group showcased not only their individual brilliance, with players like Mylene Paat and EJ Laure leading the charge, but also the collective strength and depth of the team. The well-executed system, rigorous training, and strategic coaching have undoubtedly positioned the Crossovers as a force to be reckoned with in the 2024 PVL All-Filipino Conference. As the season progresses, Chery Tiggo’s comprehensive team effort promises to captivate fans and establish them as serious contenders in the competitive volleyball landscape.

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