Alyssa Valdez finds a bright spot in the loss

Mar 18, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – The Premier Volleyball League (PVL) title team, Creamline, suffered a major blow when they dropped their first match in almost eight months. The squad’s incredible 19-match winning streak ended abruptly when they lost in straight sets to the powerful Chery Tiggo club. The Cool Smashers’ failure caused a rift in the league and forced reflection among the team.

Alyssa Valdez, the team’s captain and a dependable presence on the court, understood that the loss was a vital wake-up call for her team. With hopes of winning another championship in the PVL All-Filipino Conference in 2024, Valdez stressed the value of taking what can be learned from misfortune and turning it into a drive to pursue greatness.

Valdez expressed a mixture of dejection and resolve in his reflections on the defeat, recognizing the difficulties they had encountered during their remarkable winning run. She didn’t waver in her conviction that the Cool Smashers had the skill and resiliency to recover from this setback.

Creamline has learned a valuable lesson from the defeat, which has led them to reassess their strategy and emphasize the significance of ongoing development given the fierce competition in the league. The Cool Smashers are ready to turn their loss into even more drive and resolve to improve their play on the court as they consider their defeat.

Alyssa Valdez thanked them for the invaluable lessons they had learned from the defeat while also lamenting the end of their incredible winning run. She said, “It’s been a while, and maybe it’s exactly what we needed.” According to Valdez, this setback presents the squad with a chance to rekindle their enthusiasm and ambition, pushing them to aim higher in their pursuit of PVL success.

Valdez praised their opponents’ great performance, especially that of the Chery Tiggo Crossovers, despite the heartbreak of the loss. She emphasized the necessity for Creamline always to step up their game to handle the changing difficulties provided by their opponents, pointing out that the league has become more competitive since Creamline’s previous sweep loss in 2019.

Chery Tiggo’s outstanding performance was acknowledged by Valdez, which is evidence of the team’s tenacity and talent. She also emphasizes how crucial it is for Creamline to intensify their efforts and push themselves even harder in reaction to the setback. The goal of the Cool Smashers is to maintain their reputation as one of the best teams in the league and to regain control of the game by using this experience as a springboard for development.

Valdez complimented the other squad, saying, “Hats off to them.” But we can’t afford to give up on Creamline. In this conference, we must improve and raise our game.”

Midway through the elimination round, Creamline’s setback gives a difficult but advantageous opportunity to review their tactics and address areas that require development, according to Valdez. She agrees that the team has a great chance to evaluate their performance, determine what needs to be changed, and come together to face the upcoming problems as a result of the defeat.

“Having this loss now gives us a chance to reflect and make necessary adjustments,” said Valdez. She underlined how crucial it is to stay focused and not get complacent, particularly because there is still a lot of volleyball remaining in the season. Valdez reaffirmed the team’s will to overcome this setback and carry on with their PVL success-chasing strategy.

Valdez and the Cool Smashers are dedicated to using the knowledge they gained from the loss to further elevate their performance going ahead. The squad is prepared to use their newly discovered tenacity and fortitude to their next on-court pursuits as they aim to win their sixth All-Filipino Conference championship.

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