Tropang Giga is relieved to have Pogoy back

Jan 22, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – Roger Pogoy’s return to the TNT Tropang Giga couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment. The skilled marksman rejoined the team as they concluded their playoff round in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup, injecting a potent scoring threat into their lineup. Pogoy’s comeback after battling myocarditis, a heart inflammation condition, provided a timely boost to TNT’s postseason aspirations.

The Tropang Giga, securing their eighth consecutive postseason berth, now navigate the playoffs with the added firepower and experience of Pogoy, making him a crucial asset in their pursuit of championship glory.

A pivotal point in the team’s history was the victorious return of Roger Pogoy to the TNT Tropang Giga starting lineup. On Sunday night, they defeated Phoenix 116-96 to clinch their seventh consecutive postseason berth. After just three months of rest and therapy, Pogoy, who had been sidelined due to myocarditis, an inflammatory disorder of the heart, achieved an incredible recovery.

Pogoy made an instant impression in his debut game since the FIBA World Cup last year. He demonstrated his flexibility on the court with 11 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. His arrival gave the group a significant boost in morale and gave their gameplay a new twist.

Coach Jojo Lastimosa was thrilled to see Pogoy back in action, calling it a “pleasant sight.” Pogoy’s contagious energy and perseverance on the court were apparent, demonstrating his resolve to have a good influence despite his obstacles.

After clinching the eighth seed, the Tropang Giga will now square off against the top-seeded Magnolia, who have a two-match advantage, in the quarterfinals. Pogoy’s comeback gives their campaign an element of uncertainty because he strengthens the team’s defense and scoring capabilities.

The player himself called Pogoy’s quick recovery from a cardiac condition—which at first seemed to require a six-month absence—nothing short of a miracle. His three-month absence from professional basketball was cleared by doctors, indicating his dedication to the game and his ability to bounce back from setbacks.

The team finds encouragement in Pogoy’s return as they prepare for the difficult quarterfinal series. His inspirational tale acts as a focal point, inspiring the players to perform to the best of their abilities and approach the postseason with fresh energy. As they strive for postseason glory, the Tropang Giga will try to build on the momentum created by Pogoy’s comeback.

“We’re rapidly simply delighted seeing him play for an extended period there. We thought Roger would take a while. The First prognosis had been six months during which he will be out. But he’s returning after a span of three months, which is an exciting development for all of us,” said the management of the team as well as the trainer of TNT.

Even if Pogoy could be back in control, TNT still considers his general health to be a top concern, according to Lastimosa. It’s fantastic for one’s career as well.

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