Terrafirma is expected to end their three-game losing streak, but their matchup with Converge is likely to be difficult

Dec 14, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The game on Wednesday at the PhilSports Arena against Converge, which is winless, could be the catalyst for TERRAFIRMA to turn about its failing PBA Commissioner’s Cup campaign.

Coach Johnedel Cardel says it’s easier said than done. His Dyip, who are currently in eighth place on a 2-4 card after losing their last three games.

Indeed, the FiberXers carry a 0 to 6 slate fit for a cellar, but in the 4 p.m., that shouldn’t be implemented at face value. Cardel insisted on a duel.

Nevertheless, Cardel is displaying some concerning symptoms. The most notable is import Thomas de Thaey’s obvious limp during the last few practices.

Terrafirma should be extremely concerned about De Thaey’s injury as he is playing hampered and isn’t able to produce his typical output of 18.3 points as well as 13.6 rebounding, while also maintaining his intimidating inside presence. Especially in light of the expectation that Jamil Wilson will perform better overall for Converge this time.

Following a difficult defeat against NorthPort, Tyler Bey, the newest Converge import, has been an exceptional player for Dyip. The Dyip dropped to ninth place with a 2–4 record despite having an excellent thirty points and thirteen rebounds in a 95–111 loss. They have now lost three straight games, and coach Johnedel Cardel knows it will be tough for them to win this time around.

The Dyip, who are now in seventh position, have a critical game against the FiberXers, who have a 0 to 6 slate and have not yet secured a win. Cardel insists on playing the game with commitment and stresses that their winless record shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The former LA Clipper, Tyler Bey, has emerged as a vital member of the Dyip thanks to his ability to score points and grab rebounds. His contributions are essential to the team’s efforts to raise its league ranking. Cardel thinks his team is motivated despite the difficult conditions and has stressed the significance of the next game. With a team they haven’t lost to in the previous four conferences, the Dyip are keen to win an important game.

In a league where every game matters, the Dyip are aware of this as they get ready for their encounter with the FiberXers. There’s no denying the team’s will to end their losing run and move up the standings, and Tyler Bey’s performance gives them hope. The Dyip’s next matchup with the FiberXers presents a crucial opportunity for them to demonstrate their tenacity and send a message in the ongoing PBA Commissioner’s Cup.

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