“From about command” Jalalon calms down during his conversation with a lot of Johnny A. Victolero

Nov 24, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – Throughout the dying seconds of the fourth quarter of Magnolia’s thrilling victory against Barangay The Ginebra on the afternoon of Sunday, TYLER Bey and Jio Jalalon made a crucial connection.

Within the last 3:29 of the proceedings, Bey made another fastbreak touchdown off an offensive rebound with Jalalon, giving Magnolia the advantage for the very initial occasion in the contest, 85 to 83. The Hotshots overcame a 26-point deficit before prevailing 93 to 91 by holding within yourself the ball for the entire game.

Bey as well as Jalalon, who teamed for 33 behind Magnolia’s 58 second-half demonstrates in the victory, were somewhat the cornerstones of the game’s resurgence.

Being completely straightforward, Tommy is an excellent player for collaborating alongside the interior of the locker room,” Jajalon stated. “His visage Determination for participating seems incredible. incredibly like He has not become exhausted. As long as it takes for him to be unable to calm down, his full potential will be demonstrated and displayed. As Well As it is because of reason our core is going to become encouraged.”

Despite amassing five fouls, Jio Jalalon’s infectious zeal was obvious during critical times of the game, notably in the second and fourth quarters.

While Jalalon had a quiet first half, scoring three points on one of six attempts, Magnolia Hotshots coach Chito Victolero confirmed that he spoke with the player.

Magnolia’s resurgence began with the decision to bring Jalalon back into the game after six minutes of play in the second half, alongside Paul Lee, with Tyler Bey playing a key part. Victolero’s clever maneuvers and Jalalon’s passionate performance helped turn the tide during the difficult “Manila Clasico” match, demonstrating the team’s perseverance and resolve.

Bey said of the experience, “It was enjoyable. We had fallen behind. Really, all I can say is that it was enjoyable. We made a comeback. We fulfilled our duties, followed the game plan, faced challenges, and the overall situation was just enjoyable.” Victolero’s strategic substitutes and Jalalon’s spirited play helped Magnolia turn the tide during the intense “Manila Clasico” encounter.

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