Draft revised rule will be put into effect in 2023

Aug 31, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – Applications for the 2023 PBA Rookie Draft are expected to increase in number during the following few days as the deadline for submissions approaches. Both domestic and international performers will compete for spots at this important event, which is planned for September 10, at the PBA office in Libis, Quezon City.

A new league rule that was unanimously endorsed by the PBA board of governors during their meeting on May 26 adds intrigue to this year’s draft. This rule change has the potential to completely alter the draft environment, especially in a league where the Terrafirma franchise now has the top overall pick.

PBA Commissioner Willie Marcial has emphasized the significance of the revised regulations by calling them “very welcoming” for all parties concerned. These new rules significantly remove the 30-year age limit for local Filipino players, ushering in a time of greater inclusivity and the opportunity for talents in all age groups.

Traditionally, the minimum age criterion for qualifying for the draft has been 19 years old, regardless of nationality, with a minimum of two years of college successfully completed. This fundamental requirement is still in place to make sure that prospective draft picks have a specific degree of intellectual and developmental maturity before joining the league.

Furthermore, a crucial restriction stipulates that a draft application must have played on Philippine land and in local collegiate levels before joining any overseas professional league, regardless of age. If the applicant declares for the PBA draft within the third year of eligibility following his university career, this condition applies.

The way that applicants who choose to enter the draft in their fourth or fifth year of eligibility after obtaining experience in foreign professional leagues is an intriguing aspect of this year’s draft. In these circumstances, the order of selection will be decided by a special computer-generated lottery between the twelve teams.

The changes take into account players who have competed on the international stage and join the draft in their sixth or later year of eligibility as the draft environment continues to change. This clause demonstrates the PBA’s dedication to allowing several career paths and opportunities for seasoned international athletes.

There is a tangible sense of excitement surrounding the impending draft as numerous hopefuls eagerly await their opportunity to establish a name for themselves in the prestigious Philippine Basketball Association. Both ambitious Filipino players and foreign stars are vying for the chance to leave their mark on the history of this legendary league as the window for applications closes. The PBA’s readiness to modify its rules in the interest of diversity and expansion demonstrates its unwavering dedication to the game and its participants. The 2023 PBA Rookie Draft is anticipated to be a turning point for the league as well as the participants as it ushers in a new age of opportunities and possible successes.

The draft order for the first round has been modified to reflect trades as follows: Terrafirma is ranked first, followed by Blackwater at number two, Rain or Shine at number three, Phoenix at number four, NorthPort at number five, NLEX at number seven, Meralco at number eight, Converge at number nine (from Blackwater and TNT), Magnolia at number ten, Ginebra at number eleven, and Terrafirma at number twelve (from San Miguel Beer). In the first round, Terrafirma, Rain or Shine, Converge, and NorthPort will each make two selections. TNT, Ginebra, Magnolia, and San Miguel are the only teams without first-round picks.

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