Assistant coach Luib receives a chance from Ayo to fulfill his PBA dream

Jun 19, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – Converge FiberXers assistant coach McJour Luib unexpectedly found himself making a comeback on the floor during the current 2023 PBA On Tour. Head coach Aldin Ayo opted to include Luib in the starting lineup due to injuries to important players, giving him the chance to realize his dream of playing professionally.

The guard from Letran named Luib had always wanted to play professionally. After finishing his playing career in college, Ayo urged him to join his coaching team, which changed the course of his professional life. When Letran and Luib won the NCAA men’s basketball title in 2015, they enjoyed remarkable success as a team. Ayo pushed Luib to go from playing to teaching after seeing his potential.

Luib submitted an application for selection during the 2016 draft but was regrettably passed over. He nevertheless joined Ayo’s teaching staff at La Salle and stayed dedicated to his coaching career. Together, they won the UAAP championship right away. At the University of Santo Tomas and currently with Converge FiberXers, their collaboration has continued.

The chance for Luib to play on the court came during a matchup with Blackwater. He contributed three assists, one rebound, and a three-pointer in his eight minutes of action, which was a respectable amount. Luib’s performance was praised by Coach Ayo, who appreciated his willingness to step up when necessary.

Sadly, despite Luib’s efforts, Converge FiberXers were defeated by Blackwater in their matchup with a final score of 102 to 97. Nevertheless, Luib’s presence on the floor was essential because the team’s backcourt had been damaged by injuries to Jeron Teng, Aljun Melecio, and Adrian Wong. Luib’s activation helped to stabilize the playmaking responsibilities and gave the squad an informed decision-maker due to his coaching background.

The Converge FiberXers are not strangers to the idea of using coaching staff as players. When their big guys got hurt in the last Governors’ Cup, assistant coach and two-time MVP Danny Ildefonso stepped in to fill the position. This tactical method showcases the team’s adaptability and flexibility by utilizing the knowledge and abilities of the coaching staff to strengthen the squad as needed.

Converge FiberXers will be trying to bounce back from their most recent defeat and improve significantly as the PBA On Tour progresses. Key player injuries provide difficulties, but the team is resilient. Due to his unexpected return to the court, Luib brings with him a distinct viewpoint and understanding of the game that can help the team’s overall strategy and performance.

Luib’s commitment and tenacity are demonstrated by the chance he has been given to demonstrate his playing abilities at the professional level. It serves as motivation for prospective athletes who could experience roadblocks in their athletic careers. Regardless of the route they take, Luib’s transition from player to coach to player again illustrates the passion and love for the game that motivates people to achieve their dreams.

Moving ahead, Luib’s presence with his former teammates and fellow coaching staff members gives the Converge FiberXers roster more depth and versatility. They are well-positioned to have a big influence and help the team win in Season 48 of the PBA because of their combined expertise and knowledge of the game.

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