The Gilas athletes are optimistic about their World Cup performance

Aug 30, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The tenacious Gilas Pilipinas team holds onto this conviction in the face of difficulties, which encourages hope for their FIBA World Cup adventure. This philosophy highlights the true nature of sports, which is a place where opportunities and hope flourish.

A sense of unflinching hope prevailed despite the difficulties that the Philippine national basketball team had faced prior to their vital match against the tough Italy, ranked No. 10 in the world. Despite the odds being stacked against them, both Roger Pogoy and Kiefer Ravena, two important members of the squad, maintained their optimism.

The tenacious guard from TNT Tropang Giga, Roger Pogoy, vowed unwaveringly to himself and his teammates. He pledged with an unwavering attitude not to let despair set in, stressing that there was still one game to be played and that the battle had not yet been won.

Kiefer Ravena mirrored Pogoy’s sentiment and expressed a similar one. Ravena, a former player for NLEX, was aware of the significance of maintaining composure.

Kiefer Ravena mirrored Pogoy’s sentiment and expressed a similar one. Ravena was a former player for NLEX and understood the value of keeping one’s cool under pressure. He emphasized the need for them to maintain their composure under pressure, particularly because they still had one important game left.

The Philippines and Angola had previously played a competitive game that was won by Angola by a narrow score of 80–70. In Group A, the Philippines now had a losing record after this setback, which was unfortunate.

The next game against Italy was of utmost importance. Gilas Pilipinas needed to defeat Italy by a score of at least 13 points in order to advance to the group phase’s second round. If the unbeaten Dominican Republic defeats Angola, this scenario could result in a three-way tie for second place between Italy, Gilas, and Angola.

Kiefer Ravena emphasized that the team’s immediate focus was on the task at hand — getting ready for the match against Italy — despite the difficulties that lay ahead. He underlined the value of remaining grounded and paying attention to the here and now. The team recognized that, despite the variations and difficulties, their readiness and cohesion as they took on the Italian challenge would be their greatest bet for success.

Pogoy and Ravena’s unwavering resolve in the face of uncertainty served as a metaphor for the national team’s spirit. The team was united and resolute, ready to meet the next challenge and give it their all on the court, with a collective desire to face challenges head-on.

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